The former student cooperative : a full terroir

Generous winegrowers, having learned their trade during their apprenticeship in Avize, decided to bring their wine to the cooperative, thus contributing to the further evolution of the School. In 1952, the “former students cooperative” was born, and with it, “Champagne SANGER”.

The majority of the first students who provided this unheard-of supply to the school came from « Montagne de Reims » area, and mainly brought Pinot Noir (Ambonnay, Verzy…).

With their help, the School and the Students were given everything they needed for the transmission of Champagne-making know-how. The diversity of the geographical origins of the grapes increased along the years, and this is why the cuvees of Champagne SANGER were, are, and will be the mirror of the soil, of the men, and of a common passion.

Supplied by the former students and run by the current students, the cooperative mirrors the region patrimony, and entitles Champagne SANGER to bear the name of “Champagne made by Champenois”.