Pères d'origines

Millésime – Grand Cru

This cuvee is based on a blending of grapes stemming from the contribution of the first sixteen former students, founders of the cooperative of Champagne SANGER. Its names pays an obvious tribute to the Founding Fathers, Pères d’origine. This wine is well structured: it reveals itself gradually from a gentle blooming to a final fulfillment, complex and fragrant. Grands Crus Pinot Noir (50%) and Chardonnay (50%) express themselves fully; so Pères d’Origines is more a wine than a Champagne. It’s the epitome of Champenois blending, and will ideally match a festive autumnal meal, where hints of gingerbread, figs, toasted hazelnuts and cinnamon will delight the palate.

Tasting note