An environmental friendly process

Champagne SANGER has been developped with such ideals as sharing, transmission and know-how uniting professionals, teachers and students around a high-end produce.

For twenty-five years, sustainable development has been at the center of all actions decided by the school and the Cooperative. Technical, economic, social and environmental optimizing has been implemented for the benefits of the future generations.

Thanks to modern tools and to people skills, several processes, such as pruning methods, treatments… and different winemaking techniques are taught and put into practice.

Thanks to vineyard and cellar integrated management, quality is considered at each stage of Champagne production from the vineyards to the cellars. The producers who are students and winegrowers-to-be, have at their disposal the latest winegrowing and winemaking techniques, and can stay ahead with the state-of-the-art techniques and tools used for the production of Champagne wine.